We here at SDCR are doing something a little different with the San Diego local racing scene: Take any make, any model vehicle regardless of net worth running 280 or higher tread-wear tires. This tire rule and other scoring rules keep the playing field level.

Anything from your mom's grocery-getter or rental car, your lowered pickup truck or even a stock daily-driver sedan to a street modified racing machine can compete and is welcome!

Yep that's right....anyone local to San Diego can take part in this exciting and fun endeavor and reap in the benefits of cash prizes and personalized trophies.If you love racing and motorsports, but don't think you have a good enough car, think again! Come join us, and make a day of it with your family and friends!

Check the forums regularly as SDCR not only races during it's own season, but also organizes Gymkhana and Rallycross events in San Diego.

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