How are the points awarded?

Autocross - Each driver will be judged by their RAW time not Indexed time determined by class. 
Special timing events may or may not include these special rules Check the official schedule for special rules:

Rally timing -
All official laps get added up into one sum including cone penalties. 
Penalties include:
<> Cone penalty -
Any cone/s that are not left standing in the marked box count as 2 extra seconds to your lap time (and depending on the director, the penalty can be higher for the event; will me mentioned in advance).

<> DNF (Did Not Finish) Penalty -
If you go off course and do not return in the same spot or earlier you exited, or miss a section completely, you will receive a Rallycross style time penalty. This consists of the worst official timed lap of the day, including cone count, and ten seconds added to your time. 

Drag Racing - Each Driver will be judged by their fastest time elapsed in the 1/8th mile strip INCLUDING reaction time.
Special timing events may or may not include these special rules, check the official schedule for more information:

Rally timing - 
All passes added up in one sum, including reaction times and penalties.

Penalties may include:
<> Reaction time Multiplier -
The reaction time may be doubled or more, to increase difficulty for all of the competition.

<> Red light penalty - 
You will receive the slowest recorded time of the day plus the difference between the fastest and slowest official time.

<> Slow pass penalty - 
The first lap is recorded on your windshield with a washable marker, If any of the following pass times are slower than the first pass, you will get a penalty. The penalty is the difference between the fastest and slowest official pass time that day divided by two. 

Burnout Contest - The individual with the longest/most dramatic burn out will get points. This is optional, no points will be accumulated towards season points.

The points system is a simplistic system. 

1st: 200 
2nd: 195 
3rd: 190 
4th: 185 
5th: 180 
6th: 175 
7th: 170 
8th: 165 
9th: 160 
10th: 155
11th: 150
12th: 145
13th: 140
14th: 135
15th: 130
16th: 125
17th: 120
18th: 115
19th: 110
20th: 105
21st: 100
22nd: 95
23rd: 90
24th: 85
25th: 80
26th: 75
27th: 70
....and so on!

DNF: 0
DNS: 0

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