Please keep in mind, Race Legal, Barona and God have the right to change the date and the weather at any time. SDCR does not have control of this and is very typical of drag racing in general. Thankyou for understanding.

If you are late you may get a DNS! PLAN TO ARRIVE EARLY PLEASE!

Please be on time, tech inspections take longer and you will be stuck in a long line for registration.If you are not there you will get left out.


Practice passes will proceed only after the SDCR meeting.

We will line up before lunch in a planned order. the competitor you wish to race needs to be paired up either side-to side or front to back depending on grid configuration. We are planning 1 initial timed pass then return to the pits. An SDCR official will write your 1st timed pass on your vehicle. This lap time is there as a reminder for the driver. Every official logged pass after this must be exactly the same or faster in order to avoid getting a penalty. Depending on conditions there may be hot laps, please pay attention to instructions and be sure to keep track of your time slips or you may risk not having a pass time.

After each official timed run you will give your slips for collection in a box or bag. Please write your pass number on the slip if possible with a pen or pencil. It will make timing go smooth.

Arrive early to avoid missing the race, and getting a DNS!

Arrive before racing starts to pass tech and get practice passes!

Timing officials prefer for us not to share cars, so please if possible drive a separate car. It makes it very difficult and is time consuming and they prefer no dual drivers. IF you have no choice, the one borrowing the car must make passes during other sessions with official SDCR timing supervision. thank you for understanding.

Bring Helmets, pants, closed toe shoes, flame jacket if you have Nitrous...
sun screen extra money for food and ice cream!

passengers no longer allowed in a race vehicle; sorry not our rule.

To pass tech you must have a battery hold down and not be dripping fluids and everything secure etc. The tech guy is very grumpy, anger building and unhappy when your car is not safe! Make sure you are ready for tech! The windows need to be up in order to pass tech!

Link to videos on how to pass tech inspection and how to race, coming soon! Do not early or late stage please!

You will not be permitted to race unless you have closed toe shoes and pants, plus registration for your vehicle and driver's license.

You must also bring a Snell approved helmet, 2005 or better to be safe. I believe they accept 2000, but I can't find info on their site about this.
They will have rentals and helmets for sale, I have a few Helmets on hand to be borrowed.

the tech card is located here:
Tech is very thorough here, and you will need to bring your own pen.
Be sure your lights work and your battery and throttle are secure. You will see an even more aggressive tech inspection than SCCA autocross, be prepared.

All the same rules apply for Race Legal as Barona Drags, be smart and safe.

We are holding a Drivers meeting at the SD Club Racing Series EZ-UP at 6:30 PM with further instructions. currently we need a new one, donations welcome.

We are going to stick to the same rules as the last drag racing event. NOTE: Race legal has a .5 second reaction time; .499 or under is a red-light, We have a .000 red-light. Don't worry about their red light rule.

We are planning to line up in a group roll into the grid together keeping the formation and staying together for the duration of the 5 races. We plan to use the best surface, which is usually the left-hand side.

I will try to arrange a special timing format for our group after discussing with the Race Legal timing official. I will disclose further instructions at the driver's meeting. BE PREPARED AND ON TIME! We can get this race done rather quickly and smoothly if we are all prompt. If not, we can go all night till 12 midnight.

This will be updated as information comes in. Thank You and good luck out there!

Drag Racing - Each Driver will be judged by their fastest time elapsed in the 1/8th mile strip INCLUDING reaction time.
Special timing events may or may not include these special rules, check the official schedule for more information:

Rally timing -
All passes added up in one sum, including reaction times and penalties.

Penalties may include:
Reaction time Multiplier -
The reaction time may be doubled or more, to increase difficulty for all of the competition.

Red light penalty -
You will receive the slowest recorded time of the day plus the difference between the fastest and slowest official time.

Slow pass penalty -
The first lap is recorded on your windshield with a washable marker, If any of the following pass times are slower than the first pass, you will get a penalty. The penalty is the difference between the fastest and slowest official pass time that day divided by two.

please check back here and on the home page to see if there are any changes! And please do not wait or hesitate to ask questions, please contact any of our staff below to get more information on the drag racing event!

what did we miss?

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